Top 5 emotional Internet videos

Top 5 emotional Internet videos

The following five videos are sometimes over dramatic, at times melodramatic, and some are quite poignant.

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I willfully admit that some made me cry and I found all of them touching or insightful.

All of them hover around the 3-4 minute mark and provide a welcomed break from your workday. I tried to select videos that may have not been as widely viewed or as well known as others. Enjoy.


1. Father & Son

This video is selling something, but I don’t even care because it is still heart warming. A father’s love for his son will always be able to touch my heart.


2. The Gift of Giving 

Predictable? Absolutely. Manipulative? Maybe. However, this video is well acted, sweet, and tenderhearted.


3. 5 Star Soup Kitchen 

This “prank” is great not so much because of the kind act, but rather to see the response from the people they did it for.


4. Do We Really Care? 

A word of warning: The name and content of this video is considered offensive and vulgar to many people. That is the intent of its makers. Bear with it and you’ll see why I found it emotional. Not all that moves us needs to be pleasant. Hard and effective.


5. The Drop Box 

I want to see this movie! The trailer made me cry. When people love God and love others it is hard not for me not to get emotional.

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