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These 3 new inventions will blow your mind. Well, maybe they will not, but they are definitely cool. There are some very creative minds out there.

From bike phone cell chargers to invisible bike helmets, people are thinking of new creative ways to embrace technology.

All of these inventions have a more recreational-type focus, but would be quite interesting to try out. I will not explain or summarize the following videos in order to let you experience them for yourself. Enjoy.



A fulfillment of many a thirtysomethings childhood fantasy.



Yes, I want to swim like a dolphin.


The Invisible Bike Helmet

Original, although I’m not sure just how comfortable it would be during the summer months…

People and their ideas never cease to amaze me with their God-given creativity. In other sad news, the HOVR, while it is everything I want it to be, is most definitely a ruse. 

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