Pranking children on Halloween

Every year, kids return from trick-or-treating and begin to sort through their stash. I remember this quite well.

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You’ve got your suckers section, chips, fruit (if someone decides to give kids what they definitely don’t want), cookies, hard candy, chocolate bars, etc.

You need to decide what candy to guard for yourself and what will go into the “trade” pile (your doubles or candy you don’t particularly enjoy). Then there are the ones you may give to your older brother and sister or your parents.

Regular chips and no-name cheeses were always my first giveaways along with the weird butter flavoured Cheetos.

So, what happens when a parent tells their child or children that they ate all of their precious candy? This video, taken from Jimmy Kimmel Live, is pretty funny and horrible at the same time.

Some kids descend into craziness, while others take it fairly well. A lot of crying ensues, but this is a joke on young children mean spirited.

When one child learns of the joke/lie, he states, “That isn’t very kind”. I tend to agree and yet I couldn’t help but laugh. 

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