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10 of the weirdest or worst christian music videos

The Christian music scene has been a tough to explain. Filled with some serious artists, who, while branded and born into the Christian music scene, preferred to be known as Christians who make music.

On the flip side, there were artists who would never have made it in the music scene without the support of Christian music lovers…I’m looking at you pop-punk and metal imitators. Judging aside, take a look at these weirdly fantastic Christian music videos.

*Note: I am not saying that all of these artists are untalented (although some are), but rather that these music videos were products of trying to be “culturally relevant”, but honestly I am not sure what some of them were thinking at all. Enjoy.


Degarmo & Key: 666

Ummmm…this video is nuts. Watch out for the evil floppy disks!


Stryper: Shining Star

Def Leopard would be proud.


Michael W. Smith: Live the Life

Why does a Christian video look like a representation of an acid trip?


Bryan Duncan: Do You Want to Rap?



Geoff Moore and the Distance: Home Run

Wish I could’ve found the actual video.


Newsboys: Shine

Not ironic.


Carmen: Satan Bite the Dust/The Stand


Petra: Beyond Belief

U2 totally copied this.


DC Talk: Jesus is Just All Right

Again, U2 totally copied this...minus the gymnastics


Audio Adrenaline: Big House

God loves football...

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