10 of the worst christian music videos

10 of the worst christian music videos

The Christian music scene has always been tough to explain. And these videos are here to prove it.

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On the flip side, there were artists who would never have made it in the music scene without the support of Christian music lovers…I’m looking at you pop-punk and metal imitators.

Judging aside, take a look at these weirdly fantastic Christian music videos.

*Note: I am not saying that all of these artists are untalented (although some are), but rather that these music videos were products of trying to be “culturally relevant”, but honestly I am not sure what some of them were thinking at all. Enjoy.


Degarmo & Key: 666

Ummmm…this video is nuts. Watch out for the evil floppy disks!


Stryper: Shining Star

Def Leopard would be proud.


Michael W. Smith: Live the Life

Why does a Christian video look like a representation of an acid trip?


Bryan Duncan: Do You Want to Rap?



Geoff Moore and the Distance: Home Run

Wish I could’ve found the actual video.


Newsboys: Shine

Not ironic.


Carmen: Satan Bite the Dust/The Stand


Petra: Beyond Belief

U2 totally copied this.


DC Talk: Jesus is Just All Right

Again, U2 totally copied this...minus the gymnastics


Audio Adrenaline: Big House

God loves football...

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